10 Steps for Haggle Free Car Buying

What if you could have the car you want,
at a price that’s fair, without having to haggle?

Discover the secret I learned to take the stress out of buying a car.

Raise Your Hand if You Hate Buying a Car

Buying a new car can be overwhelming. You know you have to negotiate in order to get a fair price, but, the deck seems to be stacked against you. Between the numbers and options that are thrown at you to the up sells and hard sales tactics that the dealers use, negotiating a fair deal can be tough. The fact that most times you can’t even talk directly to the decision maker makes a stress free buying experience seem even more elusive.

“David offers a practical and pragmatic approach to haggling. His clear, simple to use 10-Step negotiating advice applies to any major personal or business purchases.”

Myron J. Radio
President, The-R-Group

A Clear Process to Save Time and Money

I’ve been there. It took me 15 years and five car purchases, but, I finally figured out the secret to getting the car I want at a fair price. Moreover, my proven system works on almost any dealer ensuring that you won’t have to drive half way across town (or, across country, like I once did) to get the a decent deal.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • The real way dealers make money
  • The one thing that dealers want more than your money
  • The process you can use to simplify and take all of the stress out of buying a car
  • The secret to getting the price you want, at a price that’s fair

What People Are Saying

“ David, your ebook was very insightful. I pride myself for “always” getting the best deal but after reading this I am not sure I always have but I know I will now! Your 10 steps are clear and will be easy for me to follow and best of all I get to avoid that very awkward haggling process. Love it!”

Mark Timm
President, Cottage Garden

“I’m never buying another car without re-reading David’s 10 Steps guide. With teenagers in the house getting ready to buy their first car, I’m making this mandatory reading.”

Greg Willits
Co-host “Adventures in Imperfect Living Podcast”,
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