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Why reputation matters when it comes to deep personalization

Your reputation matters when it comes to deep personalization In a recent article, Fast Company outlined United’s struggle with deep personalization. The author describes...
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Stay close to your customer, even if it is cliche

Several years ago I sat with one of my mentors and asked for his advice. Having been a big time CEO for several decades,...
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4 Counterintuitive Actions That Improve Productivity

Most of us don’t know how to take a break. Holidays, vacations, and weekends don’t really give us the down time we need to...
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Two tricks for limiting email fatigue

Email fatigue is one of the most rampant illnesses in America today. It’s a disabling sicknesses that keeps folks continually working and in a...
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Why network when you can attend these events?

I’ve made it no secret that I’m far from the world’s best networker. In fact, as a raging introvert, I struggle to enjoy your...
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Engineering Cultures Suck at Product

I laughed out loud this morning as I read a blog from High Scalability that noted “Engineering Cultures Suck at Product.” The author couldn’t...
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