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CES 2018: IoT is Officially Dead

Take a gander through any technology publication, stop by a technology event, or, dive headfirst into a conversation with your average technologist and you’ll...
1 min read

Why Pushing for More is Slowing You Down

One of the worst mistakes software executives make in product development is pushing to maximize velocity. They equate minimizing time to value with going...
2 min read

3 Ways to Act, and Act Now

Leadership styles vary greatly when it come to initiating action. Some leaders are quick to move while others deliberate and process. The latter are...
3 min read

3 Principles for Prioritizing and Building Relational Capital

A Chief Executive holds many responsibilities. Chief among them is the responsibility to set clear expectations and ensure that the team has the resources...
1 min read

Why isn’t Health Care Like Fire Service?

Like most Americans, I’m frustrated by the ongoing political battle between the left and the right over health care. Yet, in a sense, my...
2 min read

The Problem of Ubiquitous Information

In a world where information is readily available and easily accessible, knowledge itself might just be the problem. Patrick Lencioni, one of my favorite...
1 min read