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Why aren’t smart people enough?

It takes more than just having smart people. You need leadership, too.
1 min read

Why resisting change is only hurting yourself

How much time are you wasting by resisting change? Instead of dreading the inevitable, think about what it makes possible. Perhaps an upgrade is...
1 min read

Transactional tactics are killing your relational sales

Don't use your transactional sales tactics to make relational sales, because it won't work.
42 sec read

Why is a long-term strategy

In my experience, purpose — asking why — is a long-term strategy. Unless you’re already an iconic brand (Apple), it takes more than just...
44 sec read

Why your silence is creating chaos

Three hours on a plane: no problem. Half that time in line and people fall apart. The difference? Leadership...and silence. Don't let YOUR silence...
2 min read

What’s giving you that mental block?

Have you ever faced a mental block and wondered where it came from and how to get it to go away? Here's what I...
1 min read