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Two easy ways to build momentum

Leroy is a young entrepreneur. He was recruited by seasoned entrepreneurs to help bootstrap a new venture. Together he and other similarly recruited co-founders...
3 min read

Why your leadership is falling flat

For years I have been perplexed as to why certain individuals fail to inspire action and create momentum despite practicing what many might consider to...
46 sec read

How to turn key employee turnover into an accelerator

We were just over two months away from wrapping up our best year ever. Momentum was strong. Morale was high. And, the team I...
1 min read

Connection is King

A connection with someone cannot be contrived or forced. But the way we communicate can be crafted in a manner that encourages connection. Here...
1 min read

Why aren’t smart people enough?

It takes more than just having smart people. You need leadership, too.
1 min read

Why resisting change is only hurting yourself

How much time are you wasting by resisting change? Instead of dreading the inevitable, think about what it makes possible. Perhaps an upgrade is...
1 min read