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What’s giving you that mental block?

Have you ever faced a mental block and wondered where it came from and how to get it to go away? Here's what I...
1 min read

Is your impression of India software engineering hurting you?

From a pure product perspective, I find perceptions like those against India software engineering to be dangerous. Frankly, it’s FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).
1 min read

What’s a “fair deal”? And is it worth it?

Is a "fair deal" really worth the effort? Are you willing to sacrifice in one area to hold your head high in another? Here's...
1 min read

One Step to Clear the Clutter

What do you do when you're overwhelmed? How do you deal with the clutter, whether it's virtual or piled around you? Here's my one-step...
1 min read

3 Leadership Lessons Fiorina Used to Trump Trump

Americans seem to be starved for leadership. They have been flocking away from anyone they considered a politician and towards anyone who demonstrates leadership....
3 min read

Do you hate kids’ sports politics? These 3 tips are for you!

If you hate kids' sports politics...that makes you human. These 3 tips, will help you minimize the pain of the politics and enjoy the...
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