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How I saved thousands of dollars and tons of time buying a car

You do NOT have to hate buying a car...or do you? Here's what I learned and how it changed the way I'll approach buying...
2 min read

Why being vulnerable is the most powerful leadership tool you have

The most powerful leadership tool you have might be something different than what you think it is. Here's a story of how I saw...
1 min read

Where’s Your Moral Compass? Prevention/Forgiveness or Permission/Harassment?

In today’s society, we preach a moral compass that calibrates to each individual’s moral code. That's an impossible way to run a society. Think...
1 min read

Why Ben Carson Moved Up a Notch

Ben Carson moved up a notch in my estimation of him based on how he exhibited leadership instead of just political maneuvering.
30 sec read

Why I’m Not Convinced Trump’s Dead on Arrival: Why He Has a Chance

America wants something different. Will it be Donald Trump? I don’t know, but I can almost assure you it won’t be your father’s politician.
1 min read

Disciplined execution is only half the equation

Disciplined execution is important, but it's only half of what's needed if you're going to build something great.
2 min read