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How to love public speaking

Here’s a dirty little secret.  I love public speaking.  For some reason, getting up in front of a group and sharing my thoughts isn’t...
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Are you a leader, manager, or both?

You can not manage men into battle.  You manage things; you lead people.” Grace Hopper, Admiral, US Navy You may have noticed that some...
56 sec read

Inside the Vatican

“Inside the Vatican” – those three words have taken on a multitude of meanings over the past month and as with all things related to...
3 min read

Pick One: Following Policy or Loving your Client

Southwest Airlines ran a couple of ads during the NFL Divisional Playoffs today that summarized a blog I have been planning to write for...
2 min read

6 ways successful media will react to your new media consumption habits

In a recent blog post I outlined the core disruptions causing the Media Industry to change. Changes to distribution channels and the editorial role,...
1 min read

Can potatoes teach us anything about life?

I remember very well the pain I caused my mom as an adolescent as I scoured the boxscores, watched a game, or built legos....
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