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A Convergence of Passions

When I graduated from college in 1999 I assumed a career in media lay before me.  Passionate about leveraging the media for good and...
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Photos: Visit to Romania

After returning from a visit to Cluj-Napoca Romania last January I had several friends, including my wife, ask how the city was.  Unfortunately my...
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Keeping the Personal Touch

This is a guest post by Karen Castillon, the VP of IP Management at Three Pillar Global. She submitted the following as a follow...
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The Lost Art of Follow Up

I have a confession to make:  I’ve been blown away by the mere fact that within the past 3 days I’ve had two people...
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The Magic behind Self-Funding Products

One principal of the Product Mindset I am most fond of is the “Self-Funding Product”.  I tend to throw it out in conversation and expect...
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Foreign Jobs Benefit the U.S. Economy

Most US citizens get the realities of our global economy.   If they didn’t prior to the most recent recession, I think they are...
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