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All roads lead to Rome (My continual convergence of passions)

As the saying goes: All roads lead to Rome. In my recent post, A Convergence of Passions, I outlined how my career progressed from...
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Proactive Employee Relationships: On-boarding

In my first video blog, I discuss my recent realization that in order to live our core values more fully, Three Pillar must begin...
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New Year, New Name, New Format

Believe it or not, 2010 has come and gone and it’s time to start fresh. ¬†Over the course of the next few weeks (or...
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Your media consumption is changing (and why the industry that provides it is being forced to react)

If you have been paying attention, over the past year we have witnessed the beginnings of a Media revolution.  We all knew in our...
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A Convergence of Passions

When I graduated from college in 1999 I assumed a career in media lay before me.  Passionate about leveraging the media for good and...
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Photos: Visit to Romania

After returning from a visit to Cluj-Napoca Romania last January I had several friends, including my wife, ask how the city was.  Unfortunately my...
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