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I Hate Presentations! (Here’s My Favorite Presentation)

If you’re like me, you hate presentations. That means you’ll probably cringe when you to hear me say: “I had the opportunity to witness,...
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In response to 'The Human Cloud'

At the beginning of this month, Eloqua Senior VP and Three Pillar client Andre Yee wrote a provocative blog post about translating the benefits...
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Three PIllar's Top Five Traits: What Takes a Company to the Top?

Over the years I’ve read plenty of “Top 5” lists of what it takes to successfully navigate the startup phases of a business. Some...
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From Founder to Forward Thinker: The Evolution of My Responsibility as Three Pillar CEO

About a week ago, Three Pillar Global’s board approved a growth plan that will drive our revenue from nearly $20MM today to $50MM over...
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Before the Tipping Point: How Three Pillar Global is Leading the Outsourcing Delivery Revolution

Recently, the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) brought a Gartner’s special report to my attention. Entitled The Future of Outsourcing and IT Services, it...
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