3 Leadership Lessons Fiorina Used to Trump Trump - David DeWolf

3 Leadership Lessons Fiorina Used to Trump Trump

For quite some time, Donald Trump’s message has been gaining support amongst the American people. Despite several verbal miscues and apparent character gaffs, his “Make America Great Again” slogan, “tell it like it is” tone and willingness to stand up and fight has won over several (albeit soft) supporters.

In a nutshell, Americans seem to be starved for leadership. They have been flocking away from anyone they considered a politician and towards anyone who demonstrates leadership....

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The Most Powerful Leadership Tool - David DeWolf

Why being vulnerable is the most powerful leadership tool you have

A few weeks ago I watched as a leader that I greatly respect cast a vision of the future.

As he laid out his plan, I made eye contact with the individual sitting across from me. He seemed to squirm, and then, held the glance a bit longer than normal. I quickly looked away, trying to observe the reaction of the rest of the team. Everyone seemed a bit uncomfortable.

As the conversation moved on, the room seemed to become more awkward and the leader seemed to become less confident. A couple of...

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