Leaders need managers

Why Great Leaders Require Great Managers

Leadership is a funny thing. The better you do it, the more management you need.

Leadership drives momentum. It inspires others to do something greater than themselves. It is the force that causes change. By its very nature, great leadership makes the leader’s task even more difficult. The more change a leader spurs, the more chaos is created.

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Missing opportunities

Not Showing Up: A Reason for Missing Opportunities

Are you showing up for the things that are important in your life? Do you invest in relationships and make sure that you’re top of mind for when the moment is right? If not, you’re missing opportunities.

Showing up is half the battle. It’s what makes the difference between those who have what some people call “luck” and those who don’t.

A few weeks ago I introduced a young professional to his idol. This wasn’t just an introduction; this was a personal recommendation for a...

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