Episode #003: The Power of Vulnerability [Podcast]

This week, we discuss the power of vulnerability, whether it’s in the office or your daughter’s bedroom. I’m joined by cohost Mike Manion, Area President of Convene’s Mid-Atlantic region and a frequent host on various radio shows and podcasts.

I share the story of how I learned about how powerful vulnerability is…the hard way.

Steps for you to tap into the power of vulnerability:

Admit your mistakes. Be transparent with your thoughts and feelings with others. Encourage  and help...
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Question Your Leaders and Dive in - David DeWolf

Question Your Leaders: Why It’s Better to Dive in than Walk Away

A couple of weeks ago I found myself perplexed. A leader that I have profound respect for – and consider a mentor – had approached me about doing business together. This is someone I look up to and would have loved to work with. Of course I couldn’t wait to say yes.

As our conversations continued, I was put off by a couple of details associated with the deal. I couldn’t understand why this person would conduct business this way. Something wasn’t adding up.

Luckily, I’ve been in this...

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