All roads lead to Rome (My continual convergence of passions)

As the saying goes: All roads lead to Rome.

In my recent post, A Convergence of Passions, I outlined how my career progressed from media to technology centric and then, ultimately, a combination of the two. Much to my surprise, the convergence continues, this time, bringing my professional and personal lives together in an integration I could have only hoped for.

While at Franciscan University I was fortunate to study Communications from not only a technical perspective, but also from the...

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My Thanksgiving Top 10

For Teresa, who is the most wonderful wife and mother and somehow still puts up with my entrepreneurial tendencies and workaholism For each one of my kids – Sarah, Joseph, Rebekah, Catherine, Jacob, and Rosie – who are the joy of my life and who make Barry Manilow look like a prophet – “I feel glad when your glad…I just can’t smile without you” For my dad, who taught me everything there is to know about being a man, especially integrity and work ethic For John Fowler, who had the patience...
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