Why Trump Has a Chance - David DeWolf

Why I’m Not Convinced Trump’s Dead on Arrival: Why He Has a Chance

Last week I wrote about why I wouldn’t rule out a vote for Trump. Here’s why I’m convinced I’m not the only one and why I think he has a chance at President.

America wants something different. Will it be Donald Trump? I don’t know, but I can almost assure you it won’t be your father’s politician.

Republican or Democrat, it’s obvious that most voters simply aren’t happy with the status quo. That’s why Donald Trump is leading the polls for the Republican nomination, despite...

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Why Trump Has a Chance at a Vote - David DeWolf

Why Trump Has a Chance at a Vote

At the first debate for Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump was asked whether he would rule out running for president as an independent candidate. He refused. As any good leader should do, he’s decided not to back himself in a corner and to be forthcoming with where he’s at.

I respect that.

Likewise, many citizens are asking others whether they will rule out a vote for Mr. Trump. It may not be as direct as Megan Kelly’s question, but the underlying message and unspoken...

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