Live The Integrated Life eBook

Live the Integrated Life

Accelerate Your Career without Sabotaging Your Life

Do you struggle with balancing work and the rest of your life?

Does it feel like you have to choose between success at work or peace at home?

Ever have the feeling that there has to be a better way?

There IS a better way, and it’s living the Integrated Life!

Live the Integrated Life

“Having lived the so-called balanced life, I wish I had this practical guide to lead me in living an integrated life 19 years ago when I got married.  I might still be married, have built a more personally rewarding career, and found fulfillment in all aspects of my life.” Tony Orlando
Executive Vice President, 3Pillar Global

Change the Way You Live

In my eBook Live the Integrated Life: Accelerate Your Career without Sabotaging Your Life, you’ll learn the proven system for allowing all areas of your life to work in collaboration with one another, which will allow you to achieve success in each one individually.

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“This model is an alternative to the balancing of supposedly unrelated prioritizes incarcerated to their independent sphere. This book better describes the experience we have that our priorities can be holistic, linking and harmonizing.”Art Bennett
President & CEO, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington, Virginia

Here’s How You Can Live the Integrated Life

Uncover how each aspect of your life works in concert with the others.

Create a vision for your life that will revolutionize the way you live

Learn a series of tools to empower you to live life according to your vision.

Build a framework for a whole new approach to life!

Living an Integrated Life is not easy, but it is achievable and satisfying. Start building the framework for a whole new approach to life!

“Live the Integrated Life talks directly to many executives who have a major issue with Type A personalities and work/life balance. The recipe metaphor really drives the point home and the reflective thinking exercises offer a way to move forward in a way that’s right for each person – it’s not one way for all.”Myron J. Radio
President, The-R-Group