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When Saying No Means Saying Yes

I have a confession to make. My weekly podcast, The Weekly Shufflepass, won’t be posted this week.

Not because I didn’t want to post one or because I had nothing to say. In fact, it wasn’t even because I decided not to. I simply decided to say yes.

I decided to use my dedicated content production time to knock out several work-related projects. I decided to stay committed to getting a healthy amount of sleep and getting up early to exercise. I decided to take advantage of a few once in...
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Why You Should Automate One Thing Per Month

I’m a big believer in automation. The more you automate, the more productive you become and the more predictable your results.

Unfortunately, I rarely take the time to automate anything. My theory hasn’t turned into practice, so, I’m trying something new. I’m scheduling time to make myself more productive. I’m scheduling one hour per month to “automate something”.

It’s already paying off. Just last week I saved an estimated seven hours based upon a one hour investment.

A large...

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