Fatal Flaws in Business Relationships - David DeWolf

What to Do with Fatal Flaws in Business Relationships

Have you ever had that really, really difficult client? The one where you love their business model, you love what it is they do, and in fact you even love the executives and owners of the company and believe that they’re good people?

Certain people have character traits that make it difficult to work with them in business relationships (and life, too!). I have a client who has a fabulous idea for building a product. They have been successful in obtaining clients and the gentleman I’m...

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You Don't Have to Agree to Respect and Support - David DeWolf

Why You Don’t Have to Agree to Respect and Support Someone Else

It took Teresa and I a while to get on the same page about homeschooling our kids.

Homeschooling is something that she’s very passionate about and deeply committed to. She enjoys creating a home full of learning experiences, spending time with the kids, and educating them during their most formative years. From the earliest days of our marriage, she’s been committed to homeschooling our children.

I, on the other hand, was skeptical at first. It took me a while to fully embrace our...

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