Without Passion, Your Efforts Are Doomed

It’s hard to be successful without passion.  Passion turns work into a labor of love.  It provides intrinsic motivation and endurance.  Those who are passionate about their work are fiercely committed to results.

Follow your passion

Great leaders are passionate about their cause.  The teams they inspire will move mountains. Without passion, hardly anyone will follow.

65% of grade school kids are going to have a job that hasn’t been invented yet.

Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California (TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013, 2013)

Pick a Winning Strategy: Lessons from a First-Time CEO

There are two types of strategy.  You can compete to be better, or you can compete by being different. Which one have you chosen?

Four pair of shoes. 3 black dress shoes and a pair of red sneakers

Companies that compete on the basis of superior performance are eventually commoditized.  It is difficult to sustain this type of advantage. Competing head-to-head is a zero-sum game. One company’s gain is another company’s loss. This undermines the sector as a whole.

Professionals Aren’t Going to Evaporate Due to Innovation

A robot teaching at a blackboard

Karen Cater nailed it – your teacher is not going to be replaced by a robot.

Despite common misconceptions, innovation does not destroy professions.  Disruption occurs within an industry, but it tends to empower the professional.

The media industry has been totally reinvented.  Newspapers are nearly dead, television is dying a slow death, and the economic pie of the industry has been sliced and re-sliced to the point that it no longer even reflects the golden age of mass media—a new TechMedia era has risen.

The journalist, however, is more important than ever.  Content is still king—more of it is consumed than ever.  Technology has given the journalist a means for reaching his audience directly.  It has provided a “platform.”

Great Design = Doing It For Them

Blend into the background

Seth Godin, proposes that ”great design = getting people to do what you want”.  Good designs get people to do what you want, while great designs get people to ask you to do it on their behalf.

Good designs are delightful. They encourage people to engage.

Great designs get out of the way. They are transparent, effortless and invisible to the user. They enable people to reap the rewards without any effort.