Transactional tactics are killing your relational sales - David DeWolf

Transactional tactics are killing your relational sales

There are two types of sales: transactional and relational. The tactics that work on one do NOT work on the other.

Transactional sales are driven by great copy, a clear value proposition, and a good deal. They are accelerated if you can create urgency and the perception of value. Time’s running out. The price goes up on Tuesday. I don’t want to miss that deal!

Pencils and groceries are transactional sales.

The digital economy has brought about a new wave of transactional sales folk....

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Why is a long-term strategy - David DeWolf

Why is a long-term strategy

I’m a big fan of Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why. I’m sold on the fact that people follow purpose. They want to believe in something greater than themselves. And when they find it, they buy into it.

But in my experience, purpose is a long-term strategy. Unless you’re already an iconic brand (Apple), it takes more than just ‘why’ to get people to buy.

What Simon lays out is a methodology for messaging. Too often, we forget steps two and three.

Strong messaging completes the...

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