One Step to Clear the Clutter - David DeWolf

One Step to Clear the Clutter

This past Saturday I woke up at my normal hour and headed into Starbucks to get a couple of hours of work in before family activities started for the weekend. About an hour in, I realized how horribly unproductive I had been. Almost nothing was complete.

As I processed what had been going on, I realized that I had been jumping from one task to the next without even thinking about it. I had started 57 different things and hadn’t made an ounce of progress on more than sending a couple of...

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3 Leadership Lessons Fiorina Used to Trump Trump - David DeWolf

3 Leadership Lessons Fiorina Used to Trump Trump

For quite some time, Donald Trump’s message has been gaining support amongst the American people. Despite several verbal miscues and apparent character gaffs, his “Make America Great Again” slogan, “tell it like it is” tone and willingness to stand up and fight has won over several (albeit soft) supporters.

In a nutshell, Americans seem to be starved for leadership. They have been flocking away from anyone they considered a politician and towards anyone who demonstrates leadership....

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