Networking the Introvert Way - David DeWolf

Networking the Introvert Way

Recently, a post I wrote regarding networking was published by Fortune Magazine. In it, I present a few ideas for making connections and expanding your network at networking events.

Over the years, I have learned to overcome many of my fears, but, more importantly, I have learned to network in a manner that is more conducive to my own personality. While these tips help me get by, and make productive use of events, I am still not in my element.

Instead of relying on traditional “meat...

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Why You Should Focus on Customer Experience - David DeWolf

Digital Doesn’t Matter: Why You Should Focus on Customer Experience

Annoyed at myself for emptying my pockets anywhere and everywhere, I gathered a handful of change scattered throughout my car and house and headed towards the kitchen. As I pulled our family coin jar off of the shelf, seven coins fell to the ground, giving me a clear indication that it was time to turn head to the local branch of PNC Bank.

Despite being a customer, PNC doesn’t get too many opportunities to interact or impress me (I use USAA for my personal banking, Silicon Valley Bank for...

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