Finding the right speaker for your event or organization can be a challenge. 

You’re not just looking for an entertainer, you’re looking for an experienced and authentic voice to communicate a message.

Pulling from my experience with and passion for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Integrated Living, my goal is to craft and deliver a story-driven presentation that elevates and inspires - evoking fresh insights, and sparking authentic motivation for attendees - ensuring your event is a smashing success that leaves a lasting impact.

Elevate Your Organization's Leadership

I am passionate about the potential that technology has to change the world. Great leaders find innovative ways to make the world a better place.

Mind over Matter: Why Mindset is Sabotaging Your Success in the Digital Economy (View this keynote below)


Most Requested Keynotes

I believe leadership is a responsibility. Great leaders embrace their calling, rise to heroic virtue, and guide others achieve what they never thought possible, together.


Multiply your Leadership Impact: The 5 Character Traits that Inspire Action

I believe that leadership starts with yourself. Great leaders invest in themselves and their loved ones and work to advance their beliefs.


The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance:

Live an Integrated Life

From large business conferences, to universities, men's groups - I've spoken to all types of organizations. See where I've been recently!

Hi! I'm David.

I am the founder and CEO of 3Pillar Global, a leading digital product development firm and an active member of the business and technology communities in the Washington DC metro region. Equally as important, I am husband and father of 7 incredible kids. I'm active in YPO, serve on several boards and regularly speak and write at the intersection of my passions.

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