Finding the right speaker for your event can be quite a challenge.  You’re not just looking for an entertainer, you’re looking to communicate a message.  I speak on the topics of innovation, technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the integration of faith and family into your career.

Inquire & Schedule

To contact me regarding a potential speaking engagement, please email me at

I have listed a few of my more common talks below, but feel free to reach out about anything that might fall within my wheelhouse.

Innovation & Technology

  • Reversing the CIO demise | How innovative CIOs are reclaiming their seat at the table
  • The Product Mindset | Why thinking different is the foundation of innovation
  • Mass Media is Dead | Winning in the age of TechMedia


  • Bootstrap! | 5 principles for launching your next endeavor
  • Reinvent Yourself! | The 7 steps between entrepreneur and CEO


  • Optimizing Your Impact | How three simple commitments will change the life of those around you – and possibly the world

Faith and Family

  • Living the Integrated Life | Maximize your success without tearing it apart
  • Tuning In | A simple formula for running with God while you sprint ahead