How to turn key employee turnover into an accelerator

We were just over two months away from wrapping up our best year ever. Momentum was strong. Morale was high. And, the team I had worked so hard to fashion was humming in high performance mode.

And then the shoe dropped.

In late October one of my senior executives was recruited away, enticed by the allure of a Silicon Valley Unicorn, an equity stake and the promise of an IPO within the next couple of years.

We still crushed our targets, but, I was deflated.

Employee attrition, at all levels,...

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The Power of Clarity and Perspective

I sat down, exhausted, after a week on the road.  Six-and-a-half days before, I had wrapped up a board meeting, gave a few last minute instructions, and ran home to pack my bags.  I had 30 minutes to pack before my wife and kids drove me to the airport.  Eighteen hours later, I landed in Rome.

It was a Friday afternoon and I would spend the next 48 hours in a series of meetings and squeezing in whatever spare time I had with my little sister who had come from Austria to meet me.  From...

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