Traveling by plane

What’s your "Personal Travel Policy"?

I have a love-hate relationship with business travel.  I love the travel; I hate being away from my family. My introduction to business travel came shortly after starting my first job straight out of college.  I have been traveling, at various frequencies, ever since.  Recently I have established my own “Personal Travel Policy”.  This policy helps me make stronger decisions about my travel and ensures that I am making them in a way that honors both my family and professional...
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Recipe for Successful Business Transitions

Business changes.  It is inevitable that an organization will need to navigate several transitions each year. Some will be critical to success, others will optimize performance, and still others will resolve an underlying issue.

Leaders need to learn how to navigate these transitions, limit the drag that they can cause in an organization, and drive real value from the results.  Successfully doing so results in business acceleration. Over the past five years as CEO of Three Pillar, I have...

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