Why resisting change is only hurting yourself - David DeWolf

Why resisting change is only hurting yourself

Several years ago we moved into a temporary office. It was a dump.

Overgrown branches interrupted nearly every parking spot. The front door boasted the only clear glass in the entire building. The window next to it had obviously been patched and once inside, the long hallways were nothing more than dark corridors with a series of small unwelcoming doors.

There were no windows, no glass, and almost no greenery. Low ceilings made the space feel as though the roof was caving in, and the layout...

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The Importance of Urgency - David DeWolf

The Importance of Urgency

Urgency is an underappreciated and under-attained trait.

Urgency is essential for making change and for making progress. Things do not move forward without the impetus for change. Change is hard. Making progress is hard.

And leaders understand the importance of that change. They understand how to make progress by capturing a sense of urgency and pushing things forward.

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