Engineering Cultures Suck at Product

I laughed out loud, this morning, as I read a blog from High Scalability that noted “Engineering Cultures Suck at Product”. The author couldn’t...
Chris Davis
57 sec read

Digital, is Not Digital, is Not Digital

Very few of us would confuse an advertising executive with a film producer. One understands the art of the sale while the other entertains us....
David DeWolf
1 min read

3 Steps to Increase Productivity and Reduce Mental Clutter

Our mobile phones provide a huge productivity boost, if we use them correctly. However, they can provide the exact opposite as well. Are you...
David DeWolf
2 min read

App Fatigue and Other Takeaways from Brainstorm Tech

App fatigue, ad tech, share economy, and more: my experience at Brainstorm Tech left me with quite a list of takeaways.
David DeWolf
1 min read

Finding Talent: Takeaways from Brainstorm Tech

Finding talent was a hot topic at Brainstorm Tech, and this is what I shared with my team at 3Pillar when I returned.
David DeWolf
47 sec read

Customer Experience: Takeaways from Brainstorm Tech

When I was at Brainstorm Tech, I was struck by the conversation about customer experience. Here's what I found interesting and shared with my...
David DeWolf
52 sec read