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The Weekly Shufflepass Episode #005: Checking Out to Accelerate Marriage and Work [Podcast]

The Weekly Shufflepass is a series of short podcasts in which I talk about something that’s on my mind. They are quick tidbits. No frills. No production. Just helpful thoughts on how you can go, do something greater than yourself.

As Type-A personalities, we rarely give ourselves a break and focus on non-work areas of our lives. In this week’s Shufflepass, I share how I was able to check out of work for my 15th anniversary trip and in doing so accelerate marriage and work.

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Being Present and Vacationing Well

I’m just back from Disney World with the family.  And, frankly, I’m not a great vacationer.

As a certified workaholic, I love what I do and have a hard time tearing myself away.  That said, I know that downtime is important every now and then for my own mental well-being and, more importantly, for my family.  I need to spend dedicated, undivided attention with them.

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