Can You Live the Integrated Life Well?

There are two types of employees: those who thrive within a positive work culture that promotes work-life integration and those who will die within that culture. Which type are you? Can you live the integrated life well?

Living an integrated life requires freedom, and freedom requires responsibility. And, of course, the ability to live the integrated life fully requires an employer who supports the integrated life.

Learn My Secret to Living an Integrated Life ...
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True A-Players Point to Others

Pride and ego get in the way of good business all the time. The best leaders and employees typically give credit to others. They are the ones who are continuously pointing out others’ successes. They’re the people touting the accomplishments of their peers and proclaiming the hard work of those around them. They are more than willing to share accolades with others.

These types of individuals are the true all-stars in your organization. They probably have plenty of great successes...

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