Beyond the Pew: Living My Faith in the Rest of My Life

When I’m standing in front of the room of eighth-graders, grabbing their attention from the arm wrestling or fashion talk with captivating tales of adventure, it’s easy to be Catholic.

When I’m sharing with another mom why I value spiritual direction so much, it’s easy to be Catholic.

When I’m penning an article or writing a blog post, it’s easy to be Catholic.

And then there’s the REST of my life.

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Lent Using Business Techniques

Catholic tradition sets aside the 40 days prior to Easter as a period of prayer, penance, and repentance. I typically head into Lent like most Catholics do, having chosen a couple of sacrifices that will fulfill my obligations and remind me of the reason for the season.

This year I chose to do something different.

I applied lessons I’ve learned through my business experience to Lent. Instead of giving up coffee, dessert, or some other nicety, I challenged myself to strategically define...

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