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8 Reasons Not to Be Scared of Having Kids

“How many?” and “I don’t know how you do it!” are two of the most common responses to any sort of conversation about my family. For whatever reason, the DeWolfs are considered a “big” family.

The funny thing is that the eight of us don’t feel big to me. Besides the fact that we drive a 12-passenger van (a Nissan NV, which, by the way is the absolute coolest 12-passenger van out there), I feel normal. I don’t feel burdened, overwhelmed or like I’m missing life because I...

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Getting Home Late (and How NOT to) - David DeWolf

Getting Home Late (and How NOT to)

If you’re trying to integrate your life and you’re having a hard time, here’s one of the fatal flaws. You’re Type A personality. You’re engaged and passionate about what you do, and it’s really, really easy to get caught up in the project of the moment, in that new thing that hits your plate right as you’re walking out of the door.

You have the ability to step back and notify your spouse when things reach the point that you know you’re going to be home late. The worst thing...

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