How I Started Working Out - David DeWolf

5 Secrets to Doing What You Dread: How I Started (and Now Love) Working Out

Working out has always eluded me.

Despite having significant amounts of willpower in most areas of life, I have always struggled to work out regularly. I just don’t enjoy the process of getting in shape. Running for the sake of running doesn’t appeal to me. Exhausting my muscles is not that appealing.

But, back in December, I made a commitment to myself. By June 30, 2015, I would lose 20 lbs.

I failed. In fact, I gained six pounds.

But, not for lack of trying. Despite missing my goal, I...

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How to increase productivity by tenfold in just 14 days

A few weeks ago I had a realization.

I had been making incredible progress on the majority of my annual goals, mostly through sheer willpower. I am a driven person. Put goals in front of me, and I will knock them down. Unfortunately, despite the progress, two of my goals were lagging desperately behind. Not for lack of desire, but, lack of “time”. In fact, when it came to my fitness goal, I was losing ground. Instead of losing 20 lbs, I had gained four – and I knew it was a result of...

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