Hiding behind a mask

Why your leadership is falling flat

For years I have been perplexed as to why certain individuals fail to inspire action and create momentum despite practicing what many might consider to be the best practices of leadership.

These aspiring leaders tirelessly paint a vision, articulate strategy and communicate with clarity. They rally the troops and put the proper emphasis on teamwork. They embrace the idea of servant leadership – they work tirelessly to set the example and are willing to do whatever it takes.


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Remember Who You Are Called to Be - David DeWolf

Remember Who You Are Called to Be

A friend of mine has a saying that he uses to keep him grounded: “Remember where you came from.” Whenever he’s under pressure, on the defensive, or at his wit’s end, he reminds himself, and others, of their roots.

This little saying reminds my friend of his early years and the trials and tribulations he’s had to go through to make it in life. It puts things into perspective and challenges him to think back to his humble beginnings. It has undoubtedly helped my friend navigate...

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