What’s giving you that mental block? - David DeWolf

What’s giving you that mental block?

I do my best writing on a plane. There’s something about a dedicated block of time, no interruptions and nothing else to do that puts me “in the zone.” On one infamous trip across the Atlantic Ocean, I was able to write 12 blog posts in a six hour flight. I’ve written eBooks, presentations, proposal,s and many other things in that space.

As I took off for San Francisco this morning, a five hour flight ahead of me, I looked forward to filling up my queue of upcoming posts. It has been...

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What’s on My Phone: Speak Life

Have a difficult conversation on the horizon?  Maybe you’re a little stressed and need a little help making sure it that the conversation stays positive and doesn’t tear the other person down.  If you’re like me, a little music might help.

In “Speak Life,” TobyMac encourages us to speak life with our words and reminds us how powerful the tongue can be.  When I’m about to head into a tough conversation, you might just find me rocking out to a little TobyMac to get me pumped up.


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