How Two 3-Minute Conversations Made a Man

If it’s a fist fight, you’ll want to defend your face, like this. And make sure to aim for his face. Get your whole body behind the punch. If it’s a wrestling match, get him to the ground and into a headlock. If you have control over his neck and head, there’s not much he’ll be able to do. Don’t be timid.”

This lesson in fighting is one of the most vivid memories I have of my youth. With just a few short sentences, my dad breathed new life into a beaten down, picked on, and...

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One Small Mistake Can Lose it All - David DeWolf

One Small Mistake Can Lose it All: A Story of Honesty and Trust

I had an interesting situation pop up about six months ago. An entrepreneur reached out to me who had started a business that was fairly similar to 3Pillar’s. I remember doing this myself early on at 3Pillar, where I would reach out to those who I respected and those I thought I could learn something from and those whose “table scraps” I thought I might be able to eat.

I liked this gentleman quite a bit. I thought he had the passion, the vision, and a lot of the components — like the...

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