How to Build Momentum the Easy Way - David DeWolf

Just Do Something: How to Build Momentum the Easy Way

One of the biggest roadblocks many leaders face is their inability to build momentum. Here’s how to build momentum…the easy way.

The secret is to get moving.

And then, incrementally do more. Too many try to go from 0 to 60.

An object in motion stays in motion. Moreover, an object in motion is easier to accelerate than one standing still. Don’t believe me? Go to your local Walmart and buy a medicine ball. Place it on a flat surface and push it with nothing but your index finger. It...

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Leadership Lesson - David DeWolf

A Leadership Lesson: How ignoring “their base” strengthened their position

Two days after the South Carolina Senate voted 37-3 to remove the confederate flag from the state capital the South Carolina House of Representatives followed suit and also approved the measure by an overwhelming margin.

It was a leadership lesson for all of us.

These votes come just a few weeks after the initial outcry for the flag’s removal was met with significant skepticism and deemed nearly impossible since it would require a 2/3 majority. The republican led lawmakers, nearly everyone...

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