3 Steps to Increase Productivity and Reduce Mental Clutter - David DeWolf

3 Steps to Increase Productivity and Reduce Mental Clutter

A couple of weeks ago I felt my productivity had dropped. I felt distracted. Inefficient. Stuck.

I began to monitor my own behavior in order to determine where this feeling was coming from. As it turns out, my gut was right. I was overwhelmed and continually interrupted. Distraction ruled my life.

It turns out that my social media, news, and overall information consumption had spiked. Alerts and notifications ruled my day. Each one filing my mind with one more thing that it needed to...

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iPad Assessment: Handwriting Recognition Would Make Up for Underwhelming Innovation

A few months ago our CFO came to the office with a newly purchased iPad which, of course, prompted our trendy EVP of Sales to one-up him with the purchase of the 3G version the next week.

As we began to see more and more traction and began developing iPad apps for several of our media clients, I caved in and purchased the cheapest version I could find for myself. I figured that as the first generation of the product, there would be issues and I wanted to be able to easily upgrade to...

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