Don’t make it bigger than it needs to be

Not many people have a strong work ethic these days.  Those that do understand their responsibilities, work hard to fulfill them, and go the extra mile when necessary.  I have a profound respect for people who value hard work and diligence and see them as morally beneficial and character building.  For those who share this value system, a strong work ethic often becomes a passion, not just an obligation.

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Think twice before you take a snow day

Two months in to my professional career I learned the value of a strong work ethic and professional commitment.  Living in Dallas, the few inches of snow that had fallen were enough to cause widespread cancellations throughout the city.  Being new to the workforce and having learned to drive in Colorado, it never dawned on me that the snow would have implications on my own need to show up to work.  I naively jumped in the car and sped (I’m sure it seemed that way to the natives) off to...

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