Healthy Habits: 6 Elements of a Powerful Morning Routine

Each one of us develops habits throughout our lives. Some of these habits are healthy habits – they help us to stay on top of our game and live the integrated life.  Others work to our detriment and sabotage our efforts.

One of the most powerful healthy habits that I have found is developing a consistent morning routine. I find that what you accomplish in the morning helps to set the tone for the rest of the day.

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My Toolbox: Time Management through an EA

One of the hardest thing for any entrepreneur to get used to is delegating.  Delegating “my stuff” to an executive assistant has been the hardest one to figure out. It’s a talent in and of itself.

A mentor of mine convinced me several years ago that it was time to offload administrative things I was doing and get someone to assist me. It was a watershed moment for me and eye-opening to figure out how many things I was doing that I didn’t need to be doing.  Even still, I struggle to stay...

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