Think twice before you take a snow day

Two months in to my professional career I learned the value of a strong work ethic and professional commitment.  Living in Dallas, the few inches of snow that had fallen were enough to cause widespread cancellations throughout the city.  Being new to the workforce and having learned to drive in Colorado, it never dawned on me that the snow would have implications on my own need to show up to work.  I naively jumped in the car and sped (I’m sure it seemed that way to the natives) off to...

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You can’t cut the core

There are times in life when you have to retreat – pull back from your ideal in order to focus on your core responsibilities. Circling the wagons isn’t always the most fun strategic move, in fact, it’s often very difficult both emotionally and by it’s very nature, but it is an essential skill for any leader.

To circle the wagons, you have to know what your core is. There are priorities, and then there are PRIORITIES. What are the priorities in your life that absolutely can not give? What...

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