Healthy Habits: Sunday Morning Coffee - David DeWolf

Healthy Habits: Sunday Morning Coffee

Over the past year I developed a new healthy habit, and, it may be one of my favorites. It’s multi-faceted. It serves many areas of my life. And it’s doubles as my guilty pleasure.

Sunday morning, before heading to church, Teresa and I head to Starbucks. We block off two hours of nothing. We talk. We plan our week. We blog.

Sometimes we just sit together doing our own thing. Other times we coordinate logistics for the upcoming week of activities. Sometimes there’s a more meaningful...

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5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship - David DeWolf

5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship

A couple of years ago at 3Pillar, we had a client who was a perfect client for us. As we spoke with them, we learned that they had the desire to engage with us in our ideal model. It was an ideal model that we were just kicking off and moving toward, but one we were confident we could deliver on.

Unfortunately, the relationship got off to a rocky start.

Here’s what I learned from the situation about how to have a successful client relationship.

1. Be up-front and forthcoming with where...
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