Align Your Expectations in Marriage and Life - David DeWolf

Align Your Expectations in Marriage and Life

This past weekend, I blew a gasket, and in doing so, I almost blew up our marriage.

Over coffee just a few days in advance, Teresa shared with me that she intended to take Catherine to the final out-of-town soccer tournament. We had been trading on and off: one would go to baseball, the other to soccer.

With baseball ending the weekend before, despite it being my turn, Teresa was making herself available to take Catherine to soccer. I understood it. Being with her daughter and having...

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Do You Have Superman Syndrome? - David DeWolf

Do You Have Superman Syndrome?

This past week my daughter got into a bit of trouble. It was typical 13-year-old trouble, but still enough to throw Teresa and I through a bit of a loop. We quickly moved to action, knowing that catching issues at 13 is a lot easier than waiting until 17.

At least, I thought we moved to action quickly.

Several days in, I started to realize that my relationship with Teresa was strained. I initially thought that the stress of the situation was naturally putting stress on our relationship. I...

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