5 Tips for Getting Your Husband Home from Work

How do you balance everything?  I get that question a lot.

Interestingly enough, the question comes just as often from wives looking for hints to give their husbands as it does from friends.

Unfortunately, many of them don’t like my answer.  I don’t balance everything.  I strive for integration.

Here are a few tips for you wives and mothers out there with husbands who are passionate about their work. How do you get him home?

Learn My Secret to Living an Integrated Life ...
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4 Guidelines For Asking Out My Daughter

Digital communications are improving aspects of our relationships. I know far more about my acquaintances and long-lost friends than I would without Facebook. I enjoy keeping up with what’s going on and staying in tune with former colleagues and the business community through LinkedIn.

Digital communication is also a crutch that has cheapened certain relationships.  We hide behind technology, firing off emails without thinking about the person behind the digits.  How many emails have you...

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