Align Your Expectations in Marriage and Life

Have you ever lost your temper, only to realize that your anger was caused by mismatched expectations? Here's how my wife and I found...
David DeWolf
2 min read

What Are the Most Important Decisions You Make as …

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader in your organization? In my mind, the answer is straightforward.
David DeWolf
46 sec read

The Most Important “I” in Team

As leaders, we have to recognize that the most important "I" in team is the one we're responsible for: ourselves.
David DeWolf
1 min read

Episode #002: High Performing Teams [Podcast]

In this episode of the Steal My Show podcast, Mike Manion and I discuss high performing teams, steps for deliberately building them, and how...
David DeWolf
34 sec read

Build a Great Team [Graphic]

Great teams don't just happen. Here's how to build a great team, gleaned from my experience.
David DeWolf
11 sec read

Your Number 1 Priority: Teamwork

Let's look at four ways to focus and build your number 1 priority, teamwork.
David DeWolf
5 min read