Take Ownership, Knowing It’s NOT a One-Man Band

So many people want to have ownership, and that makes sense. Economy, ownership, and authority are key aspects of advancement. They’re signs that you are progressing.

However, one of the big mistakes a lot of people make is to assume that when they take ownership, it means that they don’t need help.

A lot of people rightly delegate to those who report to them. The big mistake they make is that they block out those who are close to them as they get more autonomy and more responsibility,...

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Building Trust in Your Teams

There’s a fundamental need for trust in every organization. By building trust within your organization’s teams, you can:

learn to have healthy debate, deal with issues and topics, and get to team-built solutions.

This also helps hold people accountable. If there’s trust, people are much more willing to hold you and your team accountable. Being accountable to each other is important.

One way to build this trust is by having people work toward a common goal or mission. One way I’ve...

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