The Weekly Shufflepass - David DeWolf

The Weekly Shufflepass Episode #005: Checking Out to Accelerate Marriage and Work [Podcast]

The Weekly Shufflepass is a series of short podcasts in which I talk about something that’s on my mind. They are quick tidbits. No frills. No production. Just helpful thoughts on how you can go, do something greater than yourself.

As Type-A personalities, we rarely give ourselves a break and focus on non-work areas of our lives. In this week’s Shufflepass, I share how I was able to check out of work for my 15th anniversary trip and in doing so accelerate marriage and work.

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How I Survived Vacation - David DeWolf

How I Survived Vacation: 1 Car, 8 Opinions, 15 Days, 50 Hours, and 4000 Miles

On July 2nd we packed our bags, loaded the van, and took off for Colorado. We were embarking on a journey, the ultimate in living the integrated life.

By combining our summer vacation with a series of meetings and conference, I was able to take what otherwise would have been three separate trips and combine them into one mammoth adventure.

This is the story of how I survived.

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