Do You Really Agree or Are You Following the Herd - David DeWolf

Do You Really Agree? Or Are You Following the Herd?

Within the past few months a series of public events has stirred significant controversy and debate. Racism, climate change, gay marriage, the Confederate flag, immigration, austerity for Greece, and the US Presidential nominations are all topics of the day. In each case a deep, ideological divide has been quickly established and fueled.

Did you quickly take up one of these default positions?

Why? Do you feel compelled to follow the herd? Why not take your own stance?

What strikes me most...

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Don't Give Up the Second Time Around - David DeWolf

Don’t Give Up: If the Third Time’s a Charm, Second’s a Dog

After 90 minutes I was ready to pull my hair out. “Let’s try that again. I think it could be tighter.”

Mike was right. Everything I said seemed like it was coming out wordier than it needed to. I wanted it tighter and I wanted to put a finer point on my message.

“I’m not this much of a bumbling idiot, I promise.”

Mike Manion and I were in the studio together for the second time. Having a co-host for “Steal My Show” was supposed to make this easier and more engaging.

It didn’t...

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