Sometimes Showing Up and Being Present Is Enough

He woke up at the crack of dawn.  It was his birthday, but he was the one who would throw the surprise.  Walking out to the car, he took a deep breath and sighed.  The road before him was long and the day would be both stressful and tiring, but this was worth it.  It was for his son.

After several hours in the car, he arrived.  He whispered a prayer that this would go well and walked into the room, head held high.

The room wasn’t an ordinary room.  It was a court room. This morning his...

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Are you Differentiating or Alienating?

Since the earliest days of 3Pillar I have wanted to create a different kind of culture.  I believe that the highest performing teams value each member of their team.  Employees are to be valued not just for what they can do, but because they are innately worthwhile.  Respecting the dignity of every individual is core to who I am and I wanted that to be embedded into the company.

That’s why, early on at 3Pillar, I decided that we would provide premium healthcare benefits, not only to our...

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