Hardware vs software

Hardware vs Software – Software Always Wins

Software always wins. Hardware is always commoditized.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

Action over Information

We are all inundated with way too much information. Smaller and more prevalent hardware creates more and more data but, it is the software that ultimately turns it into usable insights. It is these insights that are ultimately turned into action, whether manual or automated and it is that action that ultimately drives the results that make our lives better.

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Zoom Video Conferencing logo

What’s on My Phone: Zoom – A Must-Use Video Conferencing Application

The first time someone invited me to a video call through “Zoom”, I was dismayed. With the popularity of HangoutsGo To MeetingWebex and all of the others, do we really need more video conferencing applications?

The first time I actually used Zoom on my mobile device, I decided that the answer was clearly yes. The interface is exceptional, the video quality is great and I’m now a fan.

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