What’s on My Phone: Feedly

Everyday I review a series of news articles, blogs, and other various content genres. Feedly lets me do it with ease.

Feedly combines a series of RSS feeds into a single reader and makes it easy (through tight integration with Buffer) to share my favorite and relevant content on my social media platforms.

Feedly is a time saver. It lets me digest content across all of my devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air) without losing track of which ones I’ve already consumed and without having to...

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What’s on My Phone: Dark Sky

I don’t buy apps. Period.

Well, except for those I’m just flat out blown away by. This one would be one of the few.

Dark Sky is a weather app. I’m not a weather junkie, but, this little app gives me weather exactly the way I need it. It delivers a time lapse of temperatures and precipitation and proactively alerts me to things I need to be aware of (it’s starting to rain, it may start raining in 20 minutes).

Seriously, my wife is a weather junkie and I have learned to hate the...

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