What’s On My Phone

What’s on My Phone: TripIt

I thought TripIt was just about sharing flight info to Facebook. As it turns out, I was wrong...and I've found a way to share...
David DeWolf
40 sec read

What’s on My Phone: Fitbit

I wear a Fitbit Force and use Fitbit on my phone. Thanks to this, I'm more refreshed, more energized, and more alert.
David DeWolf
38 sec read

What’s on My Phone: Uber

Uber is a taxi alternative I find especially useful and price competitive in my travel, and that's why it's on my phone.
David DeWolf
33 sec read

What’s on My Phone: Carolina

This is the first of my Quick Hits series, "What's on My Phone," where I share favorite tidbits that keep me on top of...
David DeWolf
19 sec read