3 Quick Travel Tips

I travel a lot as the CEO of 3Pillar. Here are three quick travel tips that keep me sane.

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1. Use loyalty programs.

It’s not just for the bonus miles and rewards, it’s also for the lounge in the airport and the priority seating. It’s for the hotel room booking and the time it can save me as I pass the line waiting for their rental car and go straight to mine to find the keys already in the ignition.  Loyalty programs are worth it.  And the rewards pay in terms of time savings and productivity, never mind the free flights, stays, and everything else.

2. Don’t check luggage.

This saves me a ton of extra steps: the steps I take to pick up the luggage and the wait and hassle of dealing with that extra luggage. Pack lightly. Take only what’s necessary.

I have 3 suitcases that I use all the time.  Each was worth the nominal investment as it optimizes my packing and travel time. A mini roller-board that fits enough clothes for 1-2 nights and my laptop is perfect for the standard overnight trip. A standard roller-board that fits a small hang-up bag inside is perfect when I will be gone more than two days and need to bring a suit or sports coat other than the one on my back.  Finally, I have a small hang up bag that I use for longer trips that require more than just one or two sets of hanging clothes.  All of these fit in the overhead.

3. Catch up on the plane and work yourself to death in the hotel room.

This is part of how I squeeze every minute out of my trips. If I can’t be home with my family (and I can’t when I’m traveling), I am going to work and maximize the time while I’m away. Yup, I pack as much email, writing, and reading into every plane ride and night in a hotel room as I can. This ensures that when I’m home, I can be present.

What are your best quick travel tips?

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